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Rebecca Bendickson | Sacramento City Unified School District

I love your program and all you do for our students! This year has run super efficiently thanks to Ms.Ferrell! We appreciate you!

Kiffin Yan | Career Advisory Technician, Foothill High School

I am writing to let you know how very pleased I am with the education our students at Foothill High School.

UCAN program has had great success with help the students step by step to apply the colleges and financial Aid. In particular, Ms. Williams contribute her whole strength and resilience to all our students.

I look forward to our students continuing progress. Thank you for all your efforts, and those of your staff.

Pauline Brown | Counselor, Hiram Johnson High School

"Your staff is well knowledge in what they do, their dedicated efforts are greatly appreciated. Our students have benefited greatly from their efforts and support. Your staff is open to working around all types of schedules and does so gracefully. I look forward to next year’s achievements.

Veronica Akins | Grandmother/Guardian of Reginald

"Thanks to U-CAN for working with my grandson. When we first got the acceptance letter from Benedict College I was shocked and excited at the same time. You can tell he's more confident than before from being just apart of this program. I definitely recommend more students to take apart of the U-CAN program."

Ebony | Mother of Mariah , San Juan Unified School District

"Thank you to the UCAN program for helping my daughter with her college applications and her financial aid....this would've been hard for us without you help."

Priscilla | Grandmother of Precious, San Juan Unified School District

"This is a great program and I am glad that they were able to help my granddaughter with getting situated for college."

Shamaria U. | U-CAN Student Twin Rivers Unified School District

Class of: 2018

"U-CAN assisted me by helping me pick out the right college for me. They offered choices that were beneficial to my major."

Jasmine H. | U-CAN Student Twin Rivers Unified School District

Class of: 2018

"U-CAN guided me through the application process to apply to college, and they helped me answer all of the questions I had concerning college."

Emily N. |U-CAN Student Twin Rivers Unified School District

Class of: 2018

" Thank you for helping me finish my ARC application and figuring out my major. I now understand the program that I want to pursue at ARC! Thank you so much!"

Camille B., mother of Karris B. | U-CAN Student Parent- Sacramento City Unified School District

" I love the work that the U-CAN program is doing for the students especially in the community. I have a son that attended an HBCU through the U-CAN program and my daughter wants to as well. And thank you for checking on my daughter and her application process."

Nicole W. | U-CAN Student Twin Rivers Unified School District

Class of: 2018

"They assisted me by helping me finally make a decision on my college and they helped me with my financial aid, so college is paid for! I am forever grateful!"

Tanesha L. | U-CAN Student Twin Rivers Unified School District

Class of: 2018

"U-CAN got me on the right path so I could make the best college choice."

Jenessa B-M. | U-CAN Student Twin Rivers Unified School District

Class of: 2018

"Ms. Williams helped me by opening my eyes to more opportunities that are given through college. SShe helped me figure out the best option for my future."

Akyla A. | U-CAN Student Twin Rivers Unified School District

Class of: 2018

"U-CAN assisted me by getting me on the right track and by showing me many opportunities for college. They motivate me."

Telaina P-J. | U-CAN Student

“U-CAN has helped me a lot throughout my senior year. They kept me on track with deadlines for applications and with checking my portals. They also helped me financially by submitting my college applications for free! I would recommend going the U-CAN program as soon as you can.“

Student | U-CAN Alumni

This U-CAN Alumni had this to say about her status in school after being contacted by the U-CAN staff for a follow up, “Hello! Wow! I am still here at Wiley [College] in my second semester. I actually really appreciate you checking on and asking about me. School is great, and through the grace of God I am on a full scholarship with the A Capella choir!”

Reginald A. | U-CAN Student

“When I opened the [acceptance] letter, I was shocked! My grandma was reading the letter too, and she started crying. I was excited.” He was recently accepted to Benedict College.

Ky Mai M. | U-CAN Student

“I handed the letter to my dad and asked him to read it. As he read it, he began to cry. Because of his reaction I thought I did not get in, but I did. Everyone was so happy for me and I just balled my eyes out! Alabama [State University] is my dream school!”

Janila J. | U-CAN Student

“The U-CAN Program got me into the HBCU of my choice, Lincoln University! Thank you, U-CAN.”

Destiny S. | Former U-CAN Student

“I have been apart of the U-CAN program since my sophomore year of high school. Throughout my time in the U-CAN program, I have met great mentors who push me to reach my goals in life . Since I have joined the U-CAN program, I have learned so much about HBCU’s and even attended a HBCU college fair. I feel that U-CAN is an awesome program, and it helped me grow through high school and as a young adult”

John J., Student | Antioch Unified School District

” I didn’t think I could go to college.” He was accepted on the spot to Benedict College at the 18th Annual U-CAN HBCU Recruitment Fair at Antioch USD.

Belia E., Student | Twin Rivers Unified School District

Belia and her mother had been struggling to navigate the FAFSA Application, but when they attended the “Cash for College Night” that allows parents and students to meet with trained FAFSA technicians, they met a U-CAN Guidance Technician who helped them navigate the entire process. The student’s mother was so impressed with how knowledgeable and helpful the U-CAN Staff was, she requested that her daughter be apart of the U-CAN program at her high school!

Student | Natomas Unified School District

A U-CAN student who is a “Dreamer” (A student protected under DACA Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), has become a testament to the U-CAN Guidance Technicians’ dedication to student success. Due to her success in applying for financial aid and college, her brother– who is also a Dreamer– has inquired about the program after being denied access to higher learning due to his immigrant status. The U-CAN Staff are eager to help their family have two success stories in the “Land of Opportunities”.

Brianna W., Student | Twin Rivers Unified School District

Brianna was apprehensive about applying to colleges due to her GPA. After attending U-CAN meetings and talking with staff, we are proud to announce that she has to applied to four universities!

Joseph Tinsley, Director of Admissions | Stillman College

“UCAN and Dr. Rowe met all of our expectations! Because of UCAN, we knew the students would come with their parents which is critical to us because there cannot be a disconnect between students, parents, and the institution.”

Genoa Barrow, Senior Staff Writer | Urban Living Magazine

“It’s something they hear about as their parents and teachers seek to encourage them to do their best and strive to be successful students. Now a local organization is making college even more tangible for them and others.”

Hugh Durham, College Admissions Recruiter | Howard University

“The significance of the UCAN program is mega. This really gives students west of Missouri, in particular California, the opportunity to really be exposed to something that they would probably never even experience were it not for the UCAN college fairs. Dr. Rowe’s mission and organization are helping so many young people realize the dream of going to college. We know the state of California has so many great schools but this opportunity and exposure is really giving a lot of kids post-secondary options outside of California which are critical due to the highly competitive admissions process. Many students not accepted to California state schools still have a chance to go out of state – exposing them, once again, to something completely different.”

Dennis Driver, Chairman- Board of Trustees and Vice President of Human Resources | Stillman College

“As the Chairman of Board of Trustees, I connected with Dr. Rowe and the UCAN program, because one of the things that is important to me is driving up the enrollment of Stillman College and the more students we can make aware and familiar with what Stillman has to offer; the better our chances of adding to our enrollment. Thus far, it’s been an amazing relationship. I hosted a luncheon, a barbecue at my home in April and I expected that may be ten students but to my surprise, thirty students with parents showed up. It reinforced for me the level of interest that our students; when I say our students, I am talking specifically African Americans have in going to college…the passion is still there…the desire is still there. The fact that it was a Saturday midday and parents were taking the time out of their day to attend and support their children, further reinforced that they understand the importance that a college degree can play in terms of helping to establish a proper foundation for their children. For me, this is not a job I have to do, it is a job I want to do. ”

Kevin Truitt, Associate Superintendent | San Francisco Unified School District

“ UCAN is a tremendous support for students because this gives them the encouragement that they need to believe in themselves, just to believe within themselves, they can go to college. Just seeing the youth, talking to the Admissions Representatives about that specific college helps to demystify going away to college.”

Nurje Khalique, Office of Excess and Equity | San Francisco Unified School District

“Dr. Rowe is a philanthropist; he is the father and historian of the UCAN program. We need to make sure that we keep lifting him up so that he can continue to do the work that he does. We need UCAN so desperately.”

Brit’ne Ross, Senior | Gateway High School, San Francisco CA

“I found out about the UCAN College Fair from a school counselor, and upon 30 minutes of arriving at the fair, I got accepted into Benedict College, and received $52,000 in scholarship money.”

Dale Marsden, Superintendent | San Bernardino Unified School District

“The key to this relationship for students is that when they interact with HBCUs, they will have a high level of engagement with universities. Our data shows that HBCUs have a greater likelihood of engaging students.”

Sandra Rodriguez, Principal | San Bernardino High School

“HBCUs offers a great college fit for our students here at San Bernardino High School. They offer great rates with tuition. These schools provide a home-style environment where students feel nurtured and thrive in those environments.”

“On top of that, HBCUs value diversity. San Bernardino High School has a heavy Latino population with 80% of our students being Latino, and 16% African American. We find that HBCUs are looking for a diverse environment for their students.”

Margaret Hill, Board Member | San Bernardino Unified School District Board of Trustees & HBCU Graduate (Norfolk State University)

“The family atmosphere is great at a HBCUs. The benefits, the counselors, and academic programs are just some of the wonderful qualities of a HBCUs. It’s a universal thing. All students are welcome at HBCUs.”

Abigail Medina, Board Member | San Bernandino City Unified School District Board of Trustees

“The benefit of HBCUs is that they offer a smaller environment for students to excel.”

Danny Tillman, Board Member | San Bernardino Unified School District Board of Trustees

“I am so excited! UCAN has given San Bernardino students the opportunity to not only interact with HBCUs, but also to attend. HBCUs are great at nurturing students, caring for students, and assisting them from admissions through graduation. UCAN empowers students to be successful.”

Faye Pointer, Community Member | City of San Bernardino

“UCAN brings resources into the community that otherwise would not be present.”

Yuriedy A. | Rio Linda High School

Class of: 2019

“U-CAN has really helped me figure out the college process. It is so stressful, but they make it easier for us. I really appreciate them.”

Cynsere K. | John F. Kennedy High School C/O 2019

“U-CAN has helped me a lot with my college process. They have helped me apply to many schools (HBCUs) that I didn’t even know existed. I’m still applying [to colleges] and I hope U-CAN continues to move me in the right direction.”

Donald P. | Burbank High School C/O 2019 “UCAN gave me the confidence in myself to believe that ICAN do anything”

Aiden B. | Natomas High School C/O 2019 Being apart of the UCAN program has helped me gain confidence in knowing that I can make it to college in the current situation Im in as well as helping me with the things I need to be successful “ Meon J. | San Juan High School C/O 2019 “With the help of UCAN going to college is now a reality for me” Mekkah P. | Burbank High School C/O 2019 “Being in the UCAN program made the possibilities endless for me”

Michelle Y. | Hiram Johnson High School C/O 2019 “I have gained additional support and guidance through my college application process. Not to mention helped guide me through pairing up my major and minor with the career choices I want to pursue. Along with helping me get additional funding for school other than FAFSA”

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